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In my time spent at college, I heard continuously how the world was in my hand. Every time I turned around I had professors telling me I would achieve greatness. I never believed them. All I understood about myself at the time was that I did not understand the way the world worked and why everyone was so set on doing life in a certain way. The insecurities we have as individuals and the the demands life ¬†places on us at times can be daunting. But there were two things I knew that made it better…. not surrounding myself with negativity and taking the path less traveled. I felt that by doing this, I was ” doing” life better than anyone else because I was focused and I turned my head every time a distraction arose…. even the good ones.

Upon graduating, I was so excited to move forward. I wanted to show the world what I offered and how I could help make it a better place. I took a job at a small business as a content coordinator. My mind raced. There were SO many things I wanted to do. I was hungry for success and money. I came up with several ideas that I could pursue!

Then it hit me.

I cannot be great at everything and I cannot have it all. In life, there are certain elements that make up a person. I like to divide them like so:

  • 50% Family
  • 20% Job and Money
  • 20% Religion
  • 10% Fitness

Some people would argue me on the emphasis on family. ” I hate my family”. ” My family hates me”. Stop it. They are your blood. It is better to make amends and deal with the differences than to live your life with regret, angst, and aggression. That’s allowing negativity to take over. Not to mention you cannot fight this world alone and there is NO ONE who will stand behind you like family in a time of need. If you don’t believe me, I hope you learn that lesson real soon. I digress, you have to tend to each element to be ” happy ” as a person. If you put 60% into work, your fitness portion will decrease and the next thing you know your buying clothes 3 sizes bigger and your diabetic….. Your not happy….. but might have gotten a pay raise.

This realization I had….. It has helped me hone my goal to find what I am truly suppose to be great at. If I did not love my fiance more than the world and want to be the best mom ever, I probably would have taken my dream job at Disney World. Because Family is 50% of my happiness, I didn’t take that job. Now I am happily employed doing something I love, with a good salary, and I am on my way to finding MY Greatness and I am closer than I was when I graduated. Most importantly, I didn’t compensate my family percentage for my job percentage. It paid off in the end. Everything happens for a reason and every choice we make is another step we take in discovering something about ourselves. Enjoy it. Be persistent. Most importantly, never forget what the composition is for achieving happiness. Your hunger for greatness will yield when you understand what really makes you happy.