Congratulations. You did it.

Finally. The moment you have been waiting for… or dreading, has come. You have officially completed 4 years of college. It is crazy how fast it flew by! Hopefully you are on the road to success and have a some- what plan of what your next adventure is. But I must warn you, there is this thing called, college rigamortis. What might this be? Allow me to explain. After the hype of graduating and entering the real world fades away, you start to miss the place you thought you might not ever leave. You begin to realize how MUCH your life is changing and you start to appreciate how easy your life was, despite how hard it could be when you had 3 papers and a test to study for in one night. There were no bills in college, and if there were, you  probably split them with the 4 other people you lived with. You aren’t constantly surrounded with people your age, and if you are, you probably need to consider the fact that you are growing up and it is starting to become NOT socially acceptable to live in a 2 bedroom apartment with 7 other guys who come home, get drunk, and do it all over again the next day. A lot of recent college grads move back home, and let me tell you, the past 4 years of your life will seem like a dream if you do that. You will find yourself feeling like you never left and things should be the same, but they are not.

My advice?

Set goals and whatever you do, DO NOT MOVE BACK. People who try to move back to their college home town never succeed. They are old burn outs. I know you remember seeing those 40 something year old men at your favorite bar and thinking, ” Geez, those guys are creepy”. Please, spare yourself from being THAT guy. Make new friends and stay in touch with your old ones. Make  plans to go on vacation and make visits to each other’s new homes. Keep building memories outside of college, it eases the transition. Just because you work 40 hours a week does not mean you have to stop being the crazy you that was unleashed at school. You just need to master being you and working… and eventually having a family if your into that. Don’t let work define you! It is really easy to let your job define you instead of your job being something that you do.

Know that you cannot relive the past, but you can change the future. A lot of people say that college is the best time of your life, and they are kinda right. You experience a lot in your time spent there. But, only enjoying 4 years of your life seems kinda lame and not worth living for. So roll with the punches, enjoy EVERYTHING, and make it exciting. Remember how you felt in school and apply that feeling and excitement to life. Many people loose sight of fun after a couple years out of school….. DONT BE THAT GUY!

College rigamortis is real, but don’t be afraid, just roll with it.