There it is. The moment you have been dreading. You just played the last game of the sport that has literally consumed your life. If you are an athlete, you are aware that is  arguably the feeling you have been dreading for quite some time. Not to mention, you are about to graduate college, you have no idea what lies ahead, and you have no idea what the meaning of life is now that a sport does not consume your life. It can be depressing. But, there is hope. In the time I have spent outside of college, I have realized that post- graduate college athletes have a lot to offer the world.

1.) We have ALOT of energy.

People do not realize how much energy a person is required to have to practice 6 hours a day, travel all the time, keep up grades, and occasionally be social. Don’t forget that the majority of college athletes also have other hobbies they like to dabble in too. It takes a lot of perseverance, hard-work and energy to maintain high performance across the board for our day to day activities. Why does this matter? It translates to the work place and life after college! Being able to multitask and maintain a high rate of energy throughout the day is a gift. You don’t realize it because you have been surrounded by individuals whose grind was just as hard as yours. But in the real world, people don’t understand your energy, need to succeed or why you have a schedule.

2.) You are Motivation to Others to be Fit

In college, you worked out because it was a requirement. On some days, you were probably exhausted and found ways just to ” get by” by doing bare minimums. After you graduate, there is no one out there telling you to get fit or stay in shape. Naturally, former athletes usually catch on and force themselves to go hard and always find time to work out… its just what they do and who they are. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. People who didn’t experience the vigor of college athletics can go months, even years without walking an extra mile a day. Your motivation to treat your body well will motivate others to do the same.

3.)  You are a Good Co-worker

Literally your entire life, you have been shouting chants and running extra sprints for the teammate who showed up 3 minutes late. Its safe to say  you pretty much have the whole ” team” concept down at this point. This is awesome for your new working environment and your employer will love this attitude. Many people do not get to experience what it is like to be on a team. When you enter your future workplace and you show some of that good ol, ” go team go” spirit people will love you. This kind of vibe is extremely positive, and you would be surprised how many people never have been exposed to an attitude like yours. It also means you can hang in there like a champ when something goes wrong in the office too.

Just remember, think of life as a book. You are closing a chapter and beginning to write a new one! Just don’t forget to carry the plot line over when you start writing!