5 Things They Don’t Tell You After Graduating High school

1.)  Your Friends Now Will Not Be Your Friends in 4 Years.

So right in the heat of the drunkin’ moment at prom, your friends look at you and say, ” Things are never going to change! We will always be best friends”! Or your significant other claims that you will be together forever. Well, that is all wonderful, but…. it more than likely is not true. Yes, there are some anomalies who are friends 50 years down the road or the couple that does eventually get married. However, according to statistics from the Harris Interactive survey from 2006, only 14% of ALL marriages are a result school affiliated relationships. Yes, this includes college relationships too. Do the math, its not in your favor and isn’t something worth counting on. Your friends will also change because YOU will evolve in college. You may not think it now, but it is almost a certainty that you will not be the same person in 4 years.

2.) Do yourself a favor and explore career paths now.

In all the hype and hubbub of your senior year, you are probably not thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life. Hecht, you are probably just happy knowing you passed your AP English exam with a 3. I know setting a career path might not have even crossed your mind, but you will thank yourself later if you start early. There are so many jobs in the world and you will be faced with lots of choices about how you want to shape your life. Many people think that what you major in in college doesn’t matter, but if you attend college for a computer science degree with a minor in history, then all of a sudden you want to be a doctor, you will seriously hate yourself by the time you graduate. Get out there while you can and shadow people at their jobs! Your parents have friends who have real- life jobs… shadow them… or at the very least talk to them about their profession.

3.) You Only Live Once… cliche and outdated, yes, but totally true.

Highschool is the time to let your hair down. You are a kid and your not really responsible for very much. Your biggest problem is not having enough money to go to a movie or worrying about how your getting to a football game to see whoever it is your crushing on at the time ( Most cases, not all). The summer after you graduate high school going into college will be one of the most amazing and emotional summers of your life… embrace it and live it up. The biggest misconception in college is that what you do while your getting your degree does not matter. THIS IS A LIE! If you are doing college right, you shouldn’t be sleeping… and no that is not because you are out late at a frat party. It should be because you are working a job to have some money in your checking account, interning at company so you can slap something nice on your resume, studying, and when you have the time, seeing your friends and significant others. Once again, many people will not tell you this, but if you want to feel some what accomplished after you graduate college, you should take my advice. Make those silly late night memories in high school, grow up in college.

4.) Be YOU.

Make sure your always doing things for yourself, not because someone else wanted you to. This applies to the jobs you take all the way down to eating more because your roommate wants taco bell at 3a.m and they need you to eat with them so they don’t feel guilty.

5.) The Freshman 15 is Real.

When your in high school, your meals are pretty controlled. You eat breakfast at your house, lunch in the cafeteria, and whatever your parents or friends parents cook for dinner. In college, your days get longer, you stop exercising, you eat more because the cafeteria is open ALL THE TIME and has EVERY FOOD EVER IMAGINED! Therefore, workout, have some freaking control over your eating habits, and don’t stress eat. Its overall better for your health and you won’t feel awful about yourself.